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Last year I had the pleasure of working with Holly for the 1st time and we worked on anger, depression and anxiety.  My anger calmed some, but my depression and anxiety diminished so much that I no longer need to take medication for it.  My world looked brighter and new job opportunities started rolling in and were practically handed to me from many areas.  It was amazing.

 This time around was a little different, we worked on depression and anxiety that recently returned and lack of energy.  Wanted to be organized and get back into exercising.  I really wanted to obtain focused energy and be open to opportunities.  I’m only a couple weeks into it, but I have a lot more energy and I have focus on organizing and exercise.  I also had an eye twitch at work that began when I started my new job.  Recently, this has gone completely away.  Holly is a gift and her work is as well.

Gina T., Concord CA

I had just returned home from a trip visiting family and I felt anxious, upset and distraught. After a session with Holly, I was clear, relaxed and ready to take on the world. Holly Cook is an extraordinary healer, who is amazingly intuitive and has healing abilities beyond this world, Believe me, I am pretty picky about who I will work as I am a healer myself.

Tomasa Macapinlac, The Self-Care Queen,

Holly did a Shamanic Illumination on me, at the time I was feeling a lot of anxiety and anger and just very emotional. After the session I felt an immediate calmness and clarity that stayed with me. After doing the sand paining ( a mythic process Holly take you through) things really turned around and I felt like my life was more on track.

Mark Walsh, Senior design engineer

I don't know where to begin. I've been working with Holly for several years with Bowen, Theta and Shamanic work. She is a gifted Soul lat has helped me find direction and that inner peace that I know is mine and everyone's Birth-right. Emotionally, I no longer find myself in those deep depressing slumps, financially my business and my stock trading are doing the best ever and Spiritually I feel more aligned with my intended work. I am very blessed and grateful to have found and be working with Holly.

PK -Self employed business owner and stock trader

My work with Holly has been absolutely great, she has helped me a lot with getting to the bottom of what has been bothering me and what I needed to unblock. She really takes the time to listen and help you figure things out and sometimes with tough love which I needed. She is positive and kind and patient she really understands me and how I'm feeling she is very passionate on wanting to help you reach your goals and to make sure you get what you want in your life. I would highly recommended her for a session she had changed my life and has showed me a good positive way to look at my life.

Danielle Gum 

Sacred  Heart Ascension

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