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Sacred  Heart Ascension

Frequently asked Questions~

What is a chakra? A chakra is an energy center in your body. We have many chakra's but I mostly work with the main seven or eight. The first chakra is located at the very bottom base of your torso, moving up to an below the belly button you have your second, third is located in your solar plexus, your heart center is your fourth chakra, your throat contains your fifth, your third eye is the sixth chakra, your crown is the seventh and the eighth is located a few inches above your head and is a direct connection with Spirit. When a negative situation has happened it often affects a certain chakra as well as the organs surrounding the chakra.

What is a soul retrieval? Many times when there is abuse or trauma a fragment of our soul flees for safety. When we lose  a piece of us we can no longer walk our path in wholeness. We may feel like something is missing or incomplete but we can't figure it out. Some healers have been trained to call these pieces back and allow them to integrate with the client once again. 

My favorite soul retrieval is Inner Child work and bring the client and their inner child together again. This is a soul retrieval for this life time but some soul pieces are called back from past lives.

What is an Illumination? An illumination is the process of clearing the chakra's with any other step to bring healing to the client. This is where we really dig deep into the subconscious and find the root of our issue. Sometimes an illumination will consist of a soul retrieval, removing crystalized energy, a past life karmatic healing or something of the sort, along with a guided journey and pulling a totem animal. My illuminations are usually about 90 minutes and the client does not leave until each main chakra is totally cleared and there is an understanding of the process we did. The client will also be emailed a re-cap of our session with I AM statements.

What is a past life regression? We hold memories deep in our cells, soul, RNA and sub-conscious.When we are able to drop into an altered state of consciousness while being held in sacred space, these memories can be remembered. We can heal the past as we are able to see the lesson of that life time from a different perspective. Often times we are able to see that past life lesson or trauma being recreated or attracted in this life time and this allows us to work on breaking the pattern.

What is Energy Work? Everything is energy. When we receive a healing it is working with the energy in our body. A healer usually has the ability to move or clear stuck energy while bringing new, pure energy into the body. The cells will vibrate at a higher level and as we vibrate higher we begin to experience a different Law of Attraction. Energy will attract situations that vibrate at the same frequency. When we surround ourselves with negativity we feel drained, when we are positive we feel uplifted. All of these experiences are based off energetic exchange.

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These statements have not been proved by the FDA. There is no claim to cure any disease or ailment. This is strictly information being passed on from personal study and experience. Never stop taking prescribed medications without the consent of your doctor.