Sacred  Heart Ascension

Expanding Unity Consciousness through Spirituality and Self Empowerment

As we travel through our personal journey we encounter many adventures~

I have been on my own journey and I have been put on this path and calling to share my experiences and what I have learned.

I grew up ill and suffering from depression and physical ailments, which doctors could not help but only prescribe medication. I went through several different alternative modalities and supplements, which helped tremendously but the true healing came from expanding my own consciousness and clearing all of the negative energy I had let take over me from my childhood. As I became more empowered to my truth my body responded. I eventually healed my ailments and as I did I became in control of my life and accountable for my actions, choices and reality.

Does life still throw curve balls? Absolutely.

And it's okay to have a few bad days, emotions are real.  But it's about identifying the lesson or blessing that is taking place. It's about seeing through the set back and being able to create something positive out of the tragedy. Also it is seeing how your own Ego can play tricks on you and hold you hostage to your fear.

We are children of God/Creator and we are put on this beautiful Earth to enjoy it, learn our lessons and be fulfilled.

I have studied with several Elders of the Andes Mountain range, shamanic teachers, crystal healers, Reiki Masters, Theta healers and attend on going conventions or retreats to learn as much as possible.  The path is on going and always exciting.

Through this work I have been blessed with a wonderful life partner and a beautiful son. Together we love to enjoy the outdoors, hike, garden and laugh.

Blessings of Abundance~

Holly Marie

Holly Marie

Sacred Heart Ascension